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ALC-25: Flight Review Prep Guide
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Welcome to the Flight Review Preparation Course!

This course offers a structured guide to reviewing the regulations and advisory material you need to know to complete the ground portion of your flight review and, more importantly, to fly safely in the national airspace system.  Completing this course in advance of your scheduled flight review will allow you and your instructor to use your ground time more efficiently. 

This course organizes the review of regulations and advisory material into four categories:

  Pilot - your responsibility as PIC.
  Aircraft -- airworthiness, maintenance, and inspections.
enVironment - airports, airspace, air traffic control, and weather
  External pressures -- decision-making and risk management

Each chapter includes links to online material and related media, which are integral to the course.  Although some of the course is self-contained, it is primarily intended to be a guide to conducting your own review and study of the material.  Links to many online resources (including the online Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)) are provided.  Even so, you may want to have paper copies of  the regulations (14 CFR 91, 14 CFR 61) and the AIM close at hand as you work though the review.  The AIM will be especially helpful in the flight environment chapter of this course.

NOTE:  The Department of Transportation mandated that all of its public-facing websites be 508-compliant (universally accessible).  All non-compatible HTML files were converted to PDF to remain online, which also necessitates a search to find the desired reference. Website links may only take you to the general subject area where you may have to drill down to select the desired reference.  We regret that the web link only takes you to the subject area, but this is beyond the control of and we apologize for this inconvenience.

Course Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1) Pilot
  • Chapter 2) Aircraft
  • Chapter 3) Environment for Flight
  • Chapter 4) External Pressures
  • Review
  • Exam

You may complete the chapters of the course in any order, and work on it at your convenience.  If you wish to print the material, the review section at the end includes a downloadable PDF copy of the course text.

At the end is a 15-question exam to test your understanding of the material.

The exam for this course is a little different from other tests you may have taken in connection with your pilot training.  Although it is a multiple-choice exam, the questions are structured as "mini-scenarios" that test your understanding of how the regulations should be applied in real-world flying.  Read them carefully, and then select the best answer.

To receive appropriate course credit for this course you must:

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  • Be logged into that account
  • Be enrolled in the course
  • You must visit each chapter of the course, using the navigation bars at the top or bottom of each screen, and complete all the course material found on each.

NOTE: Some links may take you to other sites or open windows on top of the course window. You will need to return to this course on to complete the exam. This might be as simple as closing all the additional windows. However, you may find it necessary to return to, log in again, and then "continue" the course from the Course List.

  • Upon completion of the review section the Exam-sd.JPG button will turn blue Exam.JPGindicating you are ready to start the examination. Upon successful completion of the exam you are given the appropriate course credit automatically.