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Pilot Proficient Multi Engine Ground School (print friendly)
1 Credit for Advanced Knowledge Topic 2
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Pilot Proficient Online Training


This multimedia (in-flight video, multimedia and audio presentations) course will provide you with the ground knowledge to become a safe and proficient multi engine pilot. This course is an excellent resource for those just starting their multi engine rating, or pilots who are coming back to flying twins and are looking for a refresher, and has been upgraded and tweaked through several cycles after review by more than 60 beta testers.

Course segments include:

  • Course Overview (expectations and course content video, Meet your Instructor)
  • Multi Engine Aerodynamics (Multi Engine V-Speeds, Absolute Ceiling vs. Service Ceiling, Aerodynamic Effects of an Engine Failure on a twin, Side Slip vs. Zero-Side Slip Condition, What is a Critical Engine?)
  • Minimum Control Speed (Vmc) and loss of control avoidance (Vmc Definitions and Determination, Factor Affecting Vmc, Critical Density Altitude)
  • Multi Engine Aircraft Systems (Multi Engine Fuel Systems, Pressurization Systems, Cowl Flaps, Anti-Ice and De-Ice Systems, Turbocharging and Turbo-normalizing, Fuel Burning Heaters, Feathering Propellers)
  • Multi Engine Performance/Weight & Balance (Multi Engine Specific Performance/Weight & Balance Factors, including Zero Fuel Weight)
  • Flight Maneuver Videos, MEI Tips & Tricks (Engine Starting, Taxiing, Takeoff, Rejected Takeoff, Steep Turns, Vmc Demonstration, Engine Failures & Single Engine Flight, Propeller Feathering, Landings)
  • Conclusion (Conclusion of course material, useful links and resources, Certificate of Completion)

Note: There is a cost for this activity. The course is offered continuously. Find more information at the link below:

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