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ASEL-Takeoffs, Landings, Go-arounds (ATP, Comm'l, Pvt) Advanced Level (print friendly)
1 Credit for Basic Flight Topic 1
Advanced WINGS
1 Credit for Advanced Flight Topic 1
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From the Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards for Airplane

  1. Area of Operation IV, Task A: Normal and Crosswind Takeoff and Climb
  2. Area of Operation IV, Task B: Normal and Crosswind Approach and Landing
  3. Area of Operation IV, Task F: Short-Field Approach and Landing
  4. Area of Operation IV, Task K: Power-Off 180º Accuracy Approach and Landing
  5. Area of Operation IV, Task L: Go-Around/Rejected Landing

NOTE: Airmen may use an FAA-qualified and approved flight simulator or flight training device to complete certain flight task requirements when authorized by the applicable Practical Test Standards.