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"Mastering Aerial Survey Flight Ops"
Saturday, December 8, 2018 09:00 Central Standard Time

Located at:
New Orleans Lakefront Airport
6001 Stars and Stripes Boulevard
Airport Terminal Building
New Orleans, LA 70126


From the beginning of flight training, pilots are taught that altitude is their friend.  There are many operations, however, that dictate aircraft be flown at lower altitudes and lower airspeeds.  This type of flying is not limited to crop dusters, mosquito control or pipeline inspection pilots but to any who have a need to utilize aircraft for photography / filmography, aerial survey or mere sightseeing.

Operating aircraft “low and slow” during aerial survey flights pose numerous threats not otherwise encountered.  Concerns of terrain, obstacle clearance, passenger distractions, maintaining situation awareness, airspace restrictions, remaining clear of clouds, helicopter traffic and birds are just a few of the specialized risks associated with this type of operation.

Acquiring the aviation knowledge, skill and experience to manage these unique operational risks are specialized.  This presentation will provide an overview of the challenges pilots face when conducting flight operations in this type of hazardous environment and will address best practices and techniques to significantly lower these specific types of risks.

1 Credit for Advanced Knowledge Topic 2
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