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"The IFR Nerdfest"
Saturday, December 9, 2017 11:00 Pacific Standard Time

Located at:
Willamette Aviation Service
23115 Airport Rd NE

Aurora, OR 97002


Are you getting ready to take the knowledge test for your Instrument Rating? Or do you have your IFR ticket, but suspect you're not quite as sharp as you used to be?

At this month's Second Saturday Seminar, Willamette Aviation CFII Dick Oman will present our occasional "IFR Nerdfest," with a review of critical IFR concepts. Some parts of the IFR system are straightforward, others obscure, and plenty tend to to provoke a lot of discussion.

Know the difference between and ILS and an LDA? Or under what circumstances you can descend below MEA? Think you know all there is about holding-pattern entries, and when to use which types? Don't miss this one — we're looking forward to it! 

1 Credit for Basic Knowledge Topic 3
Advanced WINGS
2 Credits for Advanced Knowledge Topic 2
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