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Monday, December 18, 2017 19:00 Eastern Standard Time

Located at:
Vigilante Room, Sanford Airport (KSFB)
1200 Red Cleveland Blvd., Sanford, FL
Vigilante Room at Orlando Sanford Airport
Sanford, FL 32773



Although this 2-hour seminar was originally offered in October, some technical difficulties precluded its complete presentation; so, it's being offered again in its entirety at this seminar.

Whether you use paper charts in your cockpit of if you have all your charts neatly 'folded' into your Electronic Flight Bag, you’ll want to attend this review of the finite points in chart interpretation.  And if you use an EFB flight planning software, be sure to bring your iPad or tablet computer with you for use in this seminar.


With various flight planning software options available to pilots, it’s so easy now to just enter a departure point, a destination airport, and let the flight planning software draw our direct route.  We may only rarely look at the charts during our actual flight other than to watch the progress of our little airplane on the screen of our tablet computer as it wings its way toward our destination.  However, it is still appropriate and important to review symbology on the charts to assure our ability to correctly and safely interpret its meaning and applicability for our next flight.


Come join the discussion with your fellow aviators for a review of aviation charts as we probe some of the lesser known symbology that may just be useful on your next flight.  This seminar will offer you 1 Knowledge Credit for your Basic and Advanced WINGS Phases and will serve as the monthly IMC Club meeting.  Your knowledge & experience is valuable to your fellow airmen/women; please participate and share your knowledge so we all become safer aviators.


1 Credit for Basic Knowledge Topic 3
Advanced WINGS
1 Credit for Advanced Knowledge Topic 2
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