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"LOSS OF CONTROL a common threat across all of aviation PROTECT YOURSELF NOW"
Wednesday, December 13, 2017 18:00 Eastern Standard Time

Located at:
FAA Southern Region Aviation Safety Center/Orlando Field Office
4425 Sun 'n Fun Road

Lakeland, FL 33811


Why Loss of Control (LOC) accidents are becoming prominent is that we have eliminated many of the simpler causes as aircraft components have become more reliable.  This is coupled with more dependence on automation and improper assumptions about the capabilities of automated systems to protect us.  GA, like commercial aviation, has now incorporated software systems for flight instruments, autopilots and the like.  These can lead to confusing displays at critical moments.  As the other types of accidents are eliminated, LOC accidents have not decreased at the same rate, so have risen in prominence. In fact, LOC LOC accidents in General Aviation (GA) aircraft has been one of the NTSB's "Top Ten" areas of concern for several years.

GA and commercial aviation are on parallel tracks here.   LOC accidents are occurring during high workload situations where pilots are distracted across all types of aviation.  The source of the workload can be complex cascading failures (like Air France 447) or just a busy phase of flight.  Just more hand flying will not make this better, that is a simplistic solution.  This requires a broader perspective to understand why these events are occurring.

Our very experienced and knowledgeable speaker will help you see why knowledge regarding loss of control is SO IMPORTANT, giving you the understanding on how to potentially prevent it.

This event is designed to be an interactive audience experience. PLEASE bring your questions and participate in the discussion!

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