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"CFI Open Forum Risk Based Flight Analysis"
Thursday, December 7, 2017 18:30 Eastern Standard Time

Located at:
Old Terminal Building, Smith Reynolds Airport
3801 N. Liberty Street

Winston Salem, NC 27105


This is where the CFI sticks their neck into the liability noose. If a pilot is involved in an enforcement action quite often the CFI that provided the most recent flight review endorsement will be the second person standing on the FAA carpet. (The pilot with the deviation will be the first.) So if not for ethical reasons, but merely the liability issue, it behooves the CFI to complete the review with the utmost integrity.

Flight Instructors, Ground Instructors, Designated Pilot Examiners, and Instructors in training are welcome and encouraged to attend. Join your flight instructor colleagues and take an active role in improving safety in flight training!  Click on the link below and register TODAY!

1 Credit for Basic Knowledge Topic 3
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