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"Switching to ICAO Flight Planning (FAA Form 7233-4)"
Monday, February 13, 2017 19:00 Pacific Standard Time

Located at:
Wings of History Museum
12777 Murphy Ave

San Martin, CA 95046


The FAA has announced a mandatory transition to the International (ICAO) Flight Plan Form 7233-4 that will occur in January 2017.  The new ICAO Flight Plan form is already required to obtain certain types of in-flight ATC services and routing.  In January it will be used for all IFR and VFR flight planning, replacing the domestic flight plan form we have used for decades.

Join Flight Instructor Brian Eliot for a seminar that provides crucial understanding of how to complete the many new data fields in Form 7233-4.  He will describe the background leading up to the change and what sorts of pilot services are based on information provided in the flight plan.  He will also present typical airplane avionics configurations and how to translate those to the navigation and surveillance profiles encoded in the flight plan form.

Finally, he will briefly review what automation the flight planning service providers are making available to pilots to assist  them through this transition.

Our speaker, Brian Eliot, is a CFII flight instructor at San Carlos Flight Center. His background includes teaching computer science at undergraduate and graduate levels, working as a broadcast engineer, as a software developer, and owning a business selling electronic kits. He has been flying since 1995 based in the Bay Area.


1 Credit for Basic Knowledge Topic 3
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