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"Aviation Safety Advisory Group - VIRTUAL Monthly Meeting"
Wednesday, April 21, 2021 12:00 Arizona

Located at:
Online Zoom Meeting
17777 N. Perimeter Dr.

Scottsdale, AZ 85255


ASAG monthly meeting is normally held at the FAA SDL FSDO building. This VIRTUAL only meeting will include a review of recent accidents/incidents and pilot deviations in the state of Arizona.
The Agenda will be sent prior to the event.

12:00 Arizona (1900 GMT) until 14:00 Arizona (2100 GMT)

Safety Resources:

FAA's "From the Flight Deck" video series provides pilots with actual runway approach and airport taxiway footage captured with cockpit mounted cameras, combined with diagrams and visual graphics to clearly identify hot spots and other safety-sensitive items.

Fly Safe  -  General Aviation Safety Enhancement Topics
FAA Safety Briefing
General Aviation Safety Enhancement Topic Fact Sheets
Please see Additional Public Documents below for more information.
Angle of Attack Awareness, Maneuvering Flight, IACRA IA User Guide and

Emergency Autoland Overview  from Jim Pitman

"Three aircraft have been certified with Emergency Autoland (EAL) systems in 2020: the Piper M600,the Daher TBM 940, and the Cirrus Vision Jet SF50. EAL systems can perform an emergency landing in the event of suspected pilot incapacitation. When these systems are activated, the autopilot will begin to announce its intentions on air traffic frequencies. Here’s what other pilots in the area should know about EAL systems."

1 Credit for Basic Knowledge Topic 3
Advanced WINGS
1 Credit for Advanced Knowledge Topic 2
2 Hours Total for AMT
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