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NAFI MentorLIVE - Insurance Claims / What Happened?
Taxi, take off, flight, landing, taxi, back in the hangar – the back story of insurance claims, incidents, and accidents.
Date and Time:
Wednesday, February 19, 2020, starting at 19:00 Central Standard Time (17:00 PST, 18:00 MST, 20:00 EST, 15:00 HST, 16:00 AKST, 18:00 Arizona, 01:00 GMT)
Mike Adams and Aaron Dabney
Brief Description:

This broadcast will take you on a flight from out of the hangar to  back in the hangar.  During each portion of the flight – taxi, take off, flight, landing, taxi, back in the hangar – the back story of an insurance claim/incident/accident will be discussed.  

It is one thing to hear of an accident and immediately say “I’d never do that…” and another to learn enough to come to the conclusion of, “hmmm, I  see some room for improvement….”  The intent is for everyone to take away something they can use to be a better safer pilot both in their personal flying and as a flight instructor.  

The claim information comes from the Avemco Insurance Company’s claim files, no personally identifiable information is revealed, the objective is to learn from others experiences so we don’t have to go through the same experience.  To help in  the transfer of knowledge this webinar includes photo’s that you’ll not find elsewhere or in government reports.

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Aeronautical Proficiency Training
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Mike Adams, Senior Vice President of Underwriting, and instrument-rated pilot has been involved in general aviation and aviation insurance since 1984.  Before becoming the  Sr Vice President of Underwriting in 2015, he managed the regional office in Portland, OR, then in Ft. Worth, TX and is now based in Frederick, MD.

While in Oregon, Mike served a year as the President of the Beaverton Chapter of the Oregon Pilots Association, followed by a year term as the State President of the Oregon Pilots Association.

Mike’s insurance experience spans from commercial insurance ranging from full-service FBO’s to the CFI with single aircraft operation and CFI’s that instruct strictly in non-owned aircraft.  During all this time, Mike has also worked with pilots who own a plane and pilots that rent and borrow aircraft.  Mike holds a property/casualty insurance license in all 50 states. His more than 36 years of combined experience with general aviation and the aviation insurance industry helps pilots to understand why many of Avemco’s coverages and underwriting decisions are designed to help keep them safe.



Aaron has been a full-time CFI since 2009 and operating Waco Flight Training at KACT in Waco, TX since 2013. He leads a team of four flight instructors, and spends most of his working hours enabling and mentoring those developing professionals.

He holds Flight Instructor Airplane and Instrument Flight Instructor credentials, and to date has over 5,500 hours' dual given. He also serves as an adjunct lecturer in Aviation Sciences at Baylor University, where he earned his Master's Degree in Education in 2009. Aaron has earned the prestigious NAFI Master CFI accreditation three times and participates as an instructor in the NAFI Professional Development Program in addition to serving on NAFI's Master CFI Board of Review.



MentorLIVE is the National Association of Flight Instructors monthly LiveVideo broadcast airing on the third Wednesday of every month at 8:00 pm Eastern. These programs feature subject matter experts from many aspects of the flight instruction industry to help CFIs be more successful in their training endeavors.

To learn more about MentorLIVE and to access previously broadcast WINGS programs, click on this link https://www.nafinet.org/mentorlive

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1 Credit for Master Knowledge Topic 2
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