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NAFI MentorLIVE - First Solo to 787 Captain
Achieving you goals though the development of; Relationships, Focus on Passion, Development of Skills, and Safety Practices
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Wednesday, November 14, 2018, starting at 19:00 Central Standard Time (17:00 PST, 18:00 MST, 20:00 EST, 15:00 HST, 16:00 AKST, 18:00 Arizona, 01:00 GMT)
Craig O'Mara and Ron Timmermans
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With the current demand for pilots, the advantage may seem to be in favor of the applicant. But advancing to your ultimate goal might be more of a challenge than it initially appears. During this presentation we will take a look at one aviator’s journey from his first solo to captain and beyond! Studying the successes and failures of those who experienced their ultimate aviation career goals, will provide additional insight for your goals on: best safety practices, learning from failures and mistakes, obtaining the knowledge and proficiency required to advance to the highest levels, the advantage of networking and an ongoing passion to learn more.

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Aeronautical Proficiency Training
Phone: 314-863-5941
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Craig O'Mara earned his Private Pilot Certificate in 1970 and his CFI in 1976. He went on to spend 26 years in the Air Force and Reserves retiring as a C-9A (DC-9-32F) Flight Examiner/Instructor Pilot. Having flown and served as captain and check airman in multiple aircraft models for United Air Lines, he currently is a B787 Captain/Check Airman and a B747SP Research Pilot for NASA. In addition, he is a part-time captain in Citations and King Airs for a St. Louis charter company and continues to actively give flight instruction for a local FBO. 

Craig gives back to aviation as a volunteer in many capacities: flying aircraft for the Commemorative Air Force and the American Flight Museum; serving as director on the Greater St. Louis Flight Instructor Association and as a board member of NAFI, and regularly gives Young Eagle flights for his local EAA Chapter.  He has 33,000 hours total time and 8,000 hours dual given.  He hopes to use his 42 years’ experience as a flight instructor, as a charter pilot, and help CFIs realize that they hold the future of piloting in their hands.



Ron Timmermans earned his Private Pilot Certificate in Sep. 1972, and went on to add Commercial, Instrument, CFI/MEI, ATP, and Remote Pilot to his credentials. Shortly after earning a CFIIA/MEI-IA, Ron became a Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program Ground and Flight Instructor for Beechcraft owners. He also started a part-time flight instruction practice which, as he moved to locations around the country with his career, grew because of his recognized expertise as a Beechcraft instructor in his new locations.

Selected by AOPA as a professional ground instructor for their ‘Rusty Pilots’ program, Ron now makes presentations to reach long inactive pilots to encourage their return to flight. Ron is a FAASTeam Lead Representative giving monthly presentations on GA safety topics, has given many Young Eagle rides, has authored training curriculum, and has developed flight instructor standardization guides, published articles, and served in leadership positions on the American Bonanza Society Board of Directors.

Ron was recognized as the 2017 CFI of the Year for the Orlando, FL FSDO and the FAA Southern Region. In addition, he was the recipient of the first Larry D. Enlow Award for his contributions to aviation safety and training in the Orlando FSDO.



MentorLIVE is the National Association of Flight Instructors monthly, livestreaming broadcast airing the third Wednesday of every month at 8:00pm Eastern. These programs feature subject matter experts from many aspects of the flight instruction industry to help CFIs be more successful in their training endeavors.

To learn more about MentorLIVE and to access previously broadcast WINGS programs, click on this link https://www.nafinet.org/mentorlive

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1 Credit for Advanced Knowledge Topic 2
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