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FAA Safety Briefing LIVE! November - December 2018 Issue
This presentation introduces and discusses content in the November - December 2018 issue of the FAA Safety Briefing magazine.
Date and Time:
Monday, November 12, 2018, starting at 19:00 Central Standard Time (17:00 PST, 18:00 MST, 20:00 EST, 15:00 HST, 16:00 AKST, 18:00 Arizona, 01:00 GMT)
Susan Parson and Paul Preidecker
Brief Description:

The November / December 2018 “Birds of a Different Feather” issue of FAA Safety Briefing Magazine explores the tremendous diversity of general aviation and encourages you to expand your aviation horizons and appreciate the many ways in which you can “enjoy the ride.” The issue also focuses on the new perspectives and the new skills you’ll need to consider when moving on to a different type of flying.

Feature articles include:

  • Birds of a Different Feather - So Many Ways to Reach the Skies
  • The Experimental Experience - Blazing a New Trail in a “Special” Place
  • Ride the Lightning - Aviation’s Electric Future?
  • Teaching the Unknown - A Balloon Instructor’s Guide to Flight Preparation
  • Flying Light! - Managing Expectations with Light Sport Aircraft

Monthly articles include:

  • Aeromedical Advisory reviews the Federal Air Surgeon’s oncology summit.
  • Condition Inspection explores medical certification for pilots with asthma.
  • Jumpseat introduces Flight Standards Service director Rick Domingo.
  • Angle of Attack discusses reasons for reductions in the fatal GA accident rate.
  • Checklist offers a case study of using the FAA’s advisory circular on transitioning to unfamiliar aircraft.
  • Postflight urges pilots to recommit to the spirit and discipline of flying.
  • Vertically Speaking discusses more helicopter safety enhancements.
  • Nuts, Bolts, and Electrons dispels three myths on E/AB maintenance.

NOTE: While many of the ideas covered in the quiz are included in the presentation, you may need to download a copy of the magazine from: https://www.faa.gov/news/safety_briefing to complete this course.

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Aeronautical Proficiency Training
Phone: 3148635941
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SUSAN PARSON - Presenter

Before joining the FAA in May 2004, Susan Parson was a diplomat in the State Department's foreign service with overseas assignments in Panama and Bangladesh.  She decided to pursue a lifelong passion for aviation by starting flight training in 1991, eventually earning ATP and instructor certificates and working part-time at a Leesburg Virginia flight school.

At the FAA, Susan serves as editor-in-chief for the FAA Safety Briefing magazine, FAA team lead for the Airman Certification Standards project, and special assistant to the Flight Standards Service executive director. She has authored nearly 100 General Aviation Safety articles and several online training documents and courses.

An active general aviation pilot, Susan instructs for her Leesburg-based flying club and the Civil Air Patrol, in which she is a member of the National Standards / Evaluation team.



Paul is the chief flight instructor and examiner for a regional airline. He has over 7500 hours of flying experience and holds an ATP certificate with type ratings in the CL-65 and Do-328. He is also active in general aviation. He has been an instructor for 27 years, is a member of NAFI Professional Development Committee, and volunteers for EAA during AirVenture as an on-the-air host for EAA Radio.

Formerly, Paul was an instructor on twenty-three, six-day, 4500-mile IFR cross-country training flights that originated from an airport near Madison, Wisconsin with a route that went to Seattle, Los Angeles, and back to Wisconsin while training approaches at 40 airports along the way. As an experienced aviator and teacher, Paul aims to contribute more to aviation safety by using his training insights to blend accepted best practices between GA and Part 121.

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