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How they fly and what makes them so safe
Date and Time:
Saturday, July 29, 2017, starting at 12:00 Pacific Daylight Time Download Calendar File
Paul Hollingworth
Brief Description:

The modern gyroplane has little in common with the gyrocopters of the 1950/60s - they have come a long way and are a very exciting and satisfying way to fly. This talk will center on the modern gyroplane and how it has evolved since the early days of gyros. Gyro misconceptions, safety aspects, pros and cons will be highlighted and some examples given of recent flights in the Southwest USA with photos. Finally, advice on how to progress to a gyro endorsement will be covered.


This will be an exciting and informative safety seminar for both helicopter and fixed wing pilots alike.  Don’t miss this opportunity to push your envelope in your aerodynamic knowledge.


Paul Hollingworth learned to fly in 1993 on fixed-wing aircraft but switched to weight-shift trikes and flew them for 10 years. He discovered gyros in 2015 and started learning about them. The key was realizing how gyros could offer the benefits of low and slow open-cockpit flying, but with the added benefits of immunity to turbulence and the safety of short landing rolls. He got his gyro endorsement after a few hours of instruction and has logged 230 gyro hours in the 18 months since then - so he’s quite keen on them.


This event qualifies for FAA Wings credit.

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San Carlos Flight Center
655 Skyway Rd,
Suite 215
San Carlos, CA 94070
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Directions to Room: Pilots who fly in should park in transient parking on the opposite side of the field and expect to walk about 10 minutes (.5 mile) to the Flight Center. Suite 215 is upstairs in the northwest corner. On occasion, rides may be prearranged through San Carlos Aviation and Supply.

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40 seats at the facility, 12 remaining for online registration.
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Seminar has passed.
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David Kramer
Phone: 408 981-6424
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San Carlos Flight Center was voted Best Flight School in the US in the 2013 AOPA Flight Training Excellence Awards. We are committed to promoting safety in general aviation through our evening safety seminar programs. For more information about this and any of our weekly seminars, please visit http://sancarlosflight.com/activities-and-events.

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1 Credit for Basic Knowledge Topic 3
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