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The New Instrument Airplane ACS - Implications For Pilots CFIs and DPEs
New Instrument ACS System Has Been Revised and It Will Affect Everyone!
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Tuesday, June 25, 2024, starting at 19:00 Eastern Daylight Time (16:00 PDT; 17:00 MDT; 18:00 CDT; 13:00 HST; 15:00 AKDT; 16:00 Arizona; 23:00 GMT)
Frank Gozzo
Brief Description:

The FAA released many new standards on May 31, 2024, including significant revisions to the Instrument Airplane ACS. Join other pilots, instructors and examiners as we roll up our sleeves and conduct a mock instrument check ride using the new ACS.

Join us as we provide an overview of the changes. The webinar is primarily for CFIs and DPEs, but all pilots are welcome to join.

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Frank Gozzo
Phone: 919-426-5494
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The FAA has released a new set of airmen certification standards, effective May 31, 2024, that impacts virtually all pilot certificates.  Some changes are subtle, while others may require a different approach to the check ride.

The FAASTeam would like to Thank DPE Frank Gozzo for taking time to explain the changes coming in the ACS System. Frank is a long time DPE with thousands of hours performing check rides. He will break down the changes and explain it in a way we all can understand and hopefully bring some standardization to check rides. 

Due to the overwhelming response on the last last webinar, we were caught off guard. We are better prepared for this event and you should not encounter an issue while logging on. 

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1 Credit for Advanced Knowledge Topic 2
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DPE Educational Outreach at required designee meetings
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