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Cross Country Flight Planning-Hybrid Event
Commonly Misunderstood Knowledge Areas
Date and Time:
Saturday, December 3, 2022, starting at 09:00 Pacific Standard Time (10:00 MST; 11:00 CST; 12:00 EST; 07:00 HST; 08:00 AKST; 10:00 Arizona; 17:00 GMT)
Graham Harbman
Brief Description:

Stage Check Instructor Graham will review the most common topics he sees students falter on during stage checks, flight reviews, and advanced training. Using his insight into commonly misunderstood knowledge areas, he will guide you on your way to becoming a better pilot by digging deeper into fundamental aspects of flying safely. Mastering these weak areas will increase your confidence and propel you forward in your aviation career. Feel confident walking into your checkride or enjoy a thorough refresher toward your flight review.

Topics include 
Preflight planning:

  • How does a change in CG affect load factor and thus performance and stability?
  • What is Va? Why does it change with aircraft weight and why does it matter?
  • What is the difference between TAS, IAS and Ground Speed, and why does it matter for navigation planning?
  • What are the most common misunderstandings when dealing with inoperative equipment?

XC planning:

  • What is the difference between TAS, IAS and Ground Speed, and why does it matter for navigation planning?
  • Deciding to divert, what's the best process?
  • What is the most common mistake on a diversion?
  • Why should flaps be used or not used in gusty/windy/turbulent conditions?
  • And much more.


Graham Harbman, is a former Navy pilot and currently specializes in conducting mock Private Pilot practical exams for students at AeroDynamic Aviation.

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Webinar Information

Online attendance will be via Google Meet. Click here for access or save this link: http://meet.google.com/cbk-veyb-qer

We also have an in-person option at Reid-Hillview Airport (KRHV) inside AeroDynamic Aviation's classroom. Please see separate announcement to register and attend the onsite seminar. 

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AeroDynamic Aviation
Phone: (408)320-9614
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Special thanks to AeroDynamic for hosting this webinar in their classroom.


Credit Applicability:
1 Credit for Basic Knowledge Topic 3
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Any Safety Event held based upon data/risk
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