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WIN Insights - National Association of Flight Instructors
Learn About Resources Available For Flight Instructors And All Pilots In Their Development As Pilots And Professional Educators
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Wednesday, May 11, 2022, starting at 19:00 Central Daylight Time (17:00 PDT; 18:00 MDT; 20:00 EDT; 14:00 HST; 16:00 AKDT; 17:00 Arizona; Thursday, May 12, 2022 00:00 GMT)
Karen Kalishek, Paul Preidecker, Ron Timmermans
Brief Description:

"Safer Pilots Through Excellence in Flight Instruction"

Presented by Karen Kalishek, NAFI Board Chair, and Paul Preidecker, NAFI President

CFIs are a constant presence in the life of pilots, from the first flight lesson, through advanced training and flight reviews. Flight instructors are therefore vital to promoting aviation safety and continuous learning. 

Join us to learn about resources available to support flight instructors and all pilots in their development as aviators and professional educators. The FAASTeam WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program is an important component of aviation training to promote proficiency and ongoing education as principal means to increase aviation safety. 

This LIVE event will answer questions and provide information to help pilots and CFIs commit to further development of their aviation and instructional skills.

The WINGS Industry Network "Insights" programs highlight the work of General Aviation organizations to promote "Safer Skies Though Education" using the FAA Pilot Proficiency Program WINGS program

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WINGS CREDIT is earned immediately after passing the knowledge quiz on the FAA Safety website using the 2-step process.

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Aeronautical Proficiency Training
Phone: (314) 787-7454
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Karen is the NAFI Board Chair, a Designated Pilot Examiner, a three-time NAFI Master Instructor, CFI, CFII, MEI, CFI-G, AGI, IGI, a FAA Gold Seal Instructor, and a FAASTeam Lead Representative. She teaches in a range of aircraft and enjoys flying her own RV6. Kalishek is a Major in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), serves as a member of the WINGS Industry Network, on the FAA Surface Safety Group, on the GA Joint Steering Committee, and is active in several other aviation organizations. Karen is the 2019 National FAASTeam Representative of the year.

She became active in aviation after success as a senior VP in the banking sector, graduate school instructor, and President of her own international consulting business.



Paul has provided flight instruction for over 30 years. He recently retired from Air Wisconsin Airlines as Chief Flight Instructor and captain. In those roles, he was an Aircrew Program Designee, Line Check Airman, and was qualified as a simulator and ground school instructor. 

Paul was a member of an FAA Aviation Rulemaking Committee, spoke at the NTSB Symposium on Professionalism, and moderated the regional airline program at the World Aviation Training Summit. Paul co-hosts FAA Safety Briefing Live and served as presenter and host on several NAFI MentorLIVE broadcasts.

President of NAFI, Paul is also the owner and president of FlightDeck Insights, where he develops and promotes best practices and SOPs for the general aviation pilot.



Ron earned his Private Pilot Certificate in 1972, and went on to add Commercial, Instrument, CFI/MEI, ATP, and Remote Pilot. Shortly after earning a CFIIA/MEI-IA, Ron became a Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program Ground and Flight instructor

Ron is the 2021 FAA National Certificated Flight Instructor of the Year, and has been selected by AOPA as a professional ground instructor for the ‘Rusty Pilots’ program, Ron now makes presentations to reach long inactive pilots to encourage their return to flight. 

Ron is a FAASTeam Lead Representative giving monthly presentations on GA safety topics, has given many Young Eagle rides, has authored training curriculum, and has developed flight instructor standardization guides, published articles, and served in leadership positions on the American Bonanza Society Board of Directors.



The WINGS Industry Network's vision is to reduce the general aviation accident rate through participation in the FAA Safety Team WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program. Its mission is to network with aviation industry members and the FAA Safety Team to enhance aviation safety for the pilot and aviation maintenance technician.

INSIGHTS is a LIVE! FAA WINGS/AMT Credit broadcast to highlight the outstanding work of Industry Members that contribute to a safer aviation environment.



The WINGS Sweepstakes mission is to reduce the nation's accident and incident rate by increasing pilot participation in the WINGS FAASTeam Pilot Proficiency Program.

The WINGS program has courses based on real world accident and incident causes so flight instructors, pilots and student pilots get training that can truly make a difference. Studies indicate that pilots who complete WINGS phases are safer aviators.

Learn more about the WINGS Industry Network on this site - https://www.WINGSIndustry.net

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1 Credit for Basic Knowledge Topic 1
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Any other Operations task not covered in the NPP
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