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Michigan Aviation Safety Forum Virtual (MASF) IA Renewal Seminar
IA Renewal Seminar will consist of 8 industry seminars, see the topics and speakers in the attached documentation.
Date and Time:
Saturday, February 19, 2022, starting at 08:00 Eastern Standard Time (05:00 PST; 06:00 MST; 07:00 CST; 03:00 HST; 04:00 AKST; 06:00 Arizona; 13:00 GMT)
See attached documentation
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Please use the link to register for this event. See attached documents for more information.

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Webinar Information

Dear Attendee; 

Please follow the link below (or copy and paste it to your browser) to register for the IA renewal webinar.


  1. The seminar is 8 hours in length to meet the minimum eight-hour requirements for IA Renewal.
  1. The day will begin promptly at 8 AM EST. Please log in at least five minutes prior to the event to ensure your connection. Please keep your microphones muted throughout the seminar to allow the presenters adequate time for their presentation and to conserve bandwidth. Q&A will be addressed in the chat as appropriate.
  1. Each hour will consist of a 50-minute training session and a 10-minute break, there will also be a lunch break between 11:50 & 12:30.
  1. Per FAA guidelines, each attendee will be required to meet minimum attendance requirements to substantiate presence and participation in the course. To measure this, a poll question will appear on your screen during each of the 8 presentations. The timing of when the questions appear will vary from hour to hour. Failure to respond to a poll question will disqualify IA renewal credit for that associated seminar.  

It is critical that you respond to each poll in order to receive IA credit for your attendance.   


Please ensure the email address you used to register for this event matches the email address you use for FAAsafety.gov. If the email addresses don’t match, you will not receive credit for your attendance.

  1. Following the completion of the event and confirmation of your participation, credit will be granted within 2 weeks following the event.

If there are any questions, please contact Don Brown Donald.s.brown@faa.gov

We look forward to your participation in this event! 

Check Additional event Information below for possible registration requirements.
Registration Information:
Seminar has passed.
Sponsoring Division:
Contact Information:
Phone: (734) 487-7223
Additional Event Information & Acknowledgement of Industry Sponsor(s):

0800 – 0850 ~ Mary Beth Widak - Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Tire Care & Maintenance

0900 – 0950 ~ Vern Rodgers - Parker Aerospace, Cleveland Wheels & Brake Maintenance

1000 – 1050 ~ Kurt Hartwig - Eagle Fuel Cells, Fuel Cell Maintenance

1100 – 1150 ~ Allen Buffkin - Hartzell Engine Technologies, Fundamental Aircraft Heater Systems

1150 – 1230 ~ Lunch Break

1300 – 1350 ~ Alan Jesmer – Precision Airmotive, Marvel Shebler Carburetors

1400 – 1450 ~ Scott Fohrman - Chicago ACB ACO Assisted Field Approval

1500 – 1550 ~ Mike Abrams – Concorde Battery, Aircraft Battery Airworthiness

1600 – 1650 ~ Rick Anderson – Parts and materials substitution for out of production and vintage aircraft

Credit Applicability:
8 Hours Total for AMT
FAASTeam Project Information:
National Project:
Present/attend at an Industry Sponsored IA refresher/outreach event