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CFIT -- Andrews NC -- Ripped from the headlines ...
Date and Time:
Wednesday, December 22, 2021, starting at 18:00 Pacific Standard Time (19:00 MST, 20:00 CST, 21:00 EST, 16:00 HST, 17:00 AKST, 19:00 Arizona, 02:00 GMT)
Bob Katz
Brief Description:

YOU are the PIC of a 56 year old, S35 Bonanza departing at night with a destination in the Northeast. But how are you supposed to depart at night from a runway surrounded by rapidly rising terrain when the published ODP says:  procedure NA at night ? Join us as we explore ALL AVAILABLE INFORMATION to execute this departure safely at night in compliance with 91.103 Preflight Action.

This Flight Planning exercise was inspired by a recent actual CFIT tragedy.  As with all CFIT incidents, this latest episode was entirely preventable for want of adequate preflight planning.

Challenging questions about both aircraft and pilot performance must be asked and answered right here on the ground; Before we walk out to the airplane to depart and without the pressure of flight. Your mission is to make the Command Aeronautical Decisions necessary to ensure your success - as well as to protect your life and legacy. Bring your knowledge, skills and abilities to the discussion as we explore our available options. Discover the utility of what it means to think outside the box while considering the consequences of your Aeronautical Decision Making.

Please acquaint yourselves with the NTSB preliminary report of this incident  in advance of our seminar for background on our practical application of the fundamentals exercise: https://data.ntsb.gov/carol-repgen/api/Aviation/ReportMain/GenerateNewestReport/104031/pdf  

The file (titled "NTSB CFIT Report 03OCT21") is attached below or you may download the .pdf to your device.


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Phone: (808) 837-8351
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Many thanks to Bob Katz for creating and presenting another outstanding interactive seminar!

You're invited to contribute and will be most welcome to participate!

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½ Credit for Basic Knowledge Topic 1
½ Credit for Basic Knowledge Topic 3
1 Credit for Basic Knowledge Topic 2
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