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Many Happy Returns
Avoiding runway excursions and runway overruns.
Date and Time:
Thursday, February 25, 2021, starting at 19:00 Eastern Standard Time (16:00 PST, 17:00 MST, 18:00 CST, 14:00 HST, 15:00 AKST, 17:00 Arizona, 00:00 GMT)
Gene Benson
Brief Description:

We want our return to the airport to be as happy as our departure. But far too many landings end up off the runway. Sometimes these excursions happen when an airplane departs the side of a runway and some happen when the airplane runs off the end. Serious injury or death from runway excursions is not common but does occur. Minor injuries and costly damage to the airplane and sometimes to airport facilities is however a frequent result of runway excursions.

This live webinar will examine the common causes of runway excursions and offer some ways to help avoid them.

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This is a live webinar event sponsored by Avemco Insurance Company and hosted by Gene Benson. Attendance at the full event plus participation in most of the poll questions will make the attendee eligible for One Basic Knowledge-3 plus 1  Advanced Knowledge-2 Wings credit in the FAA Pilot Proficiency Program. Credit will be issued automatically, within five days of the event completion, to attendees who meet the requirements. WINGS credit will be awarded based upon the email used in the registration, so please use the same email address to register that you also use for WINGS.

Please register for "Many Happy Returns" to be held on Feb. 25, 2021 7:00 PM EST (16:00 PST, 17:00 MST, 18:00 CST, 14:00 HST, 15:00 AKST, 17:00 Arizona, 00:00 GMT) at the following link:


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Phone: (585) 727-0968
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The webinar is sponsored by Avemco Insurance Company and will be hosted by Gene Benson. Please verify the webinar start time for you local time zone. Automatic time zone converters sometimes are not accurate.

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1 Credit for Basic Knowledge Topic 3
Advanced WINGS
1 Credit for Advanced Knowledge Topic 2
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Any Safety Event held based upon data/risk
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