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2020 International Rotorcraft Safety Conference
This Safety Conference Will Provide The Latest Information And Updates Concerning A Myriad Of Subjects Involving Rotorcraft.
Date and Time:
Tuesday, October 27, 2020, starting at 10:00 Central Daylight Time (08:00 PDT, 09:00 MDT, 11:00 EDT, 05:00 HST, 07:00 AKDT, 08:00 Arizona, 15:00 GMT)
Brief Description:

The keynote speaker will be FAA Administrator, Steve Dickson.

WINGS / Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) / Inspection Authorization (IA) credits will be awarded for certain portions of each days topics as follows. Credits will be awarded based on attendee webinar analytics & valid FAASafety.Gov email addresses.

DAY 1: First Person Account - WINGS (Advanced 1 Hr.)

             Augmented Reality - AMT (1 Hr.)

             UAS Impact on the NAS - WINGS (Basic 1 Hr.)

             Safety Management Systems - AMT (1 Hr.) & IA (1 Hr.)

Day 2:  Schweizer Maintenance Forum - AMT (1 Hr.) & IA (1 Hr.)

             Bell Maintenance Forum - AMT (1 Hr.) & IA (1 Hr.)

             Airbus Maintenance Forum - AMT (1 Hr.) & IA (1 Hr.)

             Robinson Maintenance Forum - AMT (1 Hr.) & IA (1 Hr.)

DAY 3: USHST Update - WINGS (Basic 1 Hr.)

             Aviation Human Factors - WINGS (Advanced 1 Hr.) & AMT (1 Hr.) & IA (1 Hr.)

             Unintended Consequences - WINGS (Advanced Hr.) & AMT (1 Hr.)


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Please join us for a Three Day Virtual Helicopter Safety Conference Webinar By Industry And FAA Professional Subject Matter Experts.

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Please use an FAASAFETY.GOV email when registering for the webinar. See Additional Information block below for details.

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Sponsoring Division:
FAA ACO Rotorcraft Directorate
Contact Information:
Eugene Trainor
Phone: ((817) 222-5123
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Please visit  http://www.faasafety.gov and set up an account for credits if not a current user. WINGS / AMT / IA Credits  are available only to registered users of FAASAFETY.GOV website. A valid FAASAFETY.GOV email address is required for credits. Please use your FAASAFETY.GOV email when registering for the webinar at http://faahelisafety.org.

The FAA Safety Team and ACO Rotorcraft Directorate would like to thank all program Colleagues and Constituents for their contribution and participation in this International event for promoting Aviation Safety. 



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Any Safety Event held based upon data/risk
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