Safety Program Airmen Notification System (SPANS)

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What is SPANS?

ComputerSPANS is an online seminar notification system. Many of you now have taken advantage of FAA sponsored seminars to increase your skills as airmen. The FAA has recently launched the SPANS system to provide better seminar information notification in a timely manner and easy access for Airmen. The SPANS system is taking the place of the current paper based snail mail system. This transition will provide better service to Airmen at the same time as reducing costs.

Who can use SPANS?

Anyone can search the SPANS system and even register for seminars online! Just click on Seminars in the navigation and find seminars in your area now!

The Benefits of Registration

You don't have to be an airman to register. As a registered user you can get automatic email notifications, detailed seminar information, important notices, and local contact information via email! Spans is 100% free and our user database is never given out to anyone. Click on Registration and complete the online registration form. We strongly recommend that airmen also register their email address at and update their current mailing address if needed.

Getting the Most out of SPANS

Learn how to keep your email address current. Make sure you "allow" us to send you information by adding to your "allowed" list of email addresses in your spam blocking software if necessary. After logging in, check your preferences to make sure you will be receiving the information you desire. (We don't want you to get items that are of little or no concern to you while missing out on the very important information you really need.) You do not have to be registered to search for seminars!

Your Information is Private

Our email database will not be given to anyone. It is used only to promote safety through timely notification of safety information by the FAA Safety Program. Learn more about the FAA privacy policy.