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Temporary flight restrictions (TFRs)

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SubjectNotice TypeDateNotice Number
SECURITY EVENT FLIGHT ADVISORY - New York City New Year’s Eve Celebration Selected ATC Notices 12/15/2014 NOTC5763
VIP Movement Notification - Mc Guire-Fort Dix, NJ Selected ATC Notices 12/13/2014 NOTC5762
Address Update General Information 12/12/2014 NOTC5761
“That Others May Live” The horrifying tale of an inadvertent encounter with IMC. General Information 12/12/2014 NOTC5760
CVG Rep Newsletter FAASTeam Representatives (only) 12/12/2014 NOTC5759
Cold temperature altitude corrections at “Cold Temperature Restricted Airports” General Information 12/12/2014 NOTC5758
VIP Movement Notification - Honolulu, HI Selected ATC Notices 12/11/2014 NOTC5757
FAA Safety Briefing FAA Newsletters 12/10/2014 NOTC5754
Cold Weather Operatings at High Altitude Airports Local Air Safety Information 12/10/2014 NOTC5755
FAASTeam December Topic Of The Month FAASTeam Representatives (only) 12/10/2014 NOTC5753
SBN, DPA & GRR FSDO Outreach Topic of the Month - December General Information 12/9/2014 NOTC5752
HNL CANCELS 9 DEC Rnwy 4L-4R Closure General Information 12/8/2014 NOTC5750
VIP Movement Notification - New York, New York Selected ATC Notices 12/8/2014 NOTC5749
HNL 4L/4R Closed 9 DEC14; 3-5:30PM Local General Information 12/5/2014 NOTC5747
VIP Movement Notification - Wilmington, Delaware ((12/07)) Selected ATC Notices 12/5/2014 NOTC5746
FAAST Blast General Information 12/4/2014 NOTC5744
Flight Advisory- VIP TFR Honolulu, HI Selected ATC Notices 12/3/2014 NOTC5742
VIP Notice- Honolulu, HI Selected ATC Notices 12/2/2014 NOTC5741
Opening: Designated Aircraft Dispatcher Examiner FAA Newsletters 12/2/2014 NOTC5740
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing - Alamogordo, NM Selected ATC Notices 11/28/2014 NOTC5738
Maintenance Safety Tip Airworthiness 11/24/2014 NOTC5736
FAAST Blast General Information 11/24/2014 NOTC5731
Alaska Weather Stations Local Air Safety Information 11/14/2014 NOTC5725
Northeast US Modernization and Redesign Routes Effective 11/13/14 Selected ATC Notices 11/6/2014 NOTC5711
South Bend & Grand Rapids FSDO Topic of the Month - October 2014 *CORRECTED* General Information 10/31/2014 NOTC5700
South Bend & Grand Rapids FSDO Outreach Topic of the Month - October 2014 General Information 10/30/2014 NOTC5697
Wasilla FSDO phone number correction General Information 10/29/2014 NOTC5692
Wasilla FSDO General Information 10/29/2014 NOTC5687
FAA Safety Briefing Magazine FAA Newsletters 10/27/2014 NOTC5674
FAASTeam Rep Newsletter, first of FY15 FAASTeam Representatives (only) 10/24/2014 NOTC5668
New Bermuda Dunes Airport (UUD) frequencies Airports - General & Safety Information 10/23/2014 NOTC5665
New Thermal (TRM) Frequencies Airports - General & Safety Information 10/23/2014 NOTC5664
FAASTeam Topic Of The Month FAASTeam Representatives (only) 10/2/2014 NOTC5605
Avoiding Pilot Deviations Local Air Safety Information 10/2/2014 NOTC5603
Alaska Terminal District ODO terminated Local Air Safety Information 9/17/2014 NOTC5521
Helicopter VFR Voluntary Beacon Codes Test Outreach General Information 8/28/2014 NOTC5537
Interior Alaska Flight Instructor Association Safety Stream - Instructors 8/22/2014 NOTC5522
South Bend Int'l Airport - 2014 Notre Dame Football Season Home Game Procedures Local Air Safety Information 8/19/2014 NOTC5517
FAAST Blast General Information 8/12/2014 NOTC5507
What you should know about "Climb Via" General Information 7/22/2014 NOTC5469
ATTENTION: Airmen Using EIK Local Air Safety Information 7/14/2014 NOTC5448
Maintenance Safety Tip-1404 Airworthiness 6/25/2014 NOTC5417
Maintenance Safety Tip-1405 Airworthiness 6/20/2014 NOTC5415
Where is my permanent Pilot Certificate? Flight Schools & CFIs 6/17/2014 NOTC5410
FAASTeam Rep Meeting FAASTeam Representatives (only) 6/16/2014 NOTC5407
New Routings for Cancelled Hubee 2 Departures Airports - General & Safety Information 5/29/2014 NOTC5374
"Got Weather, #GotWx." GA Weather Initiative General Information 5/2/2014 NOTC5319
Maintenance Safety Tip General Information 4/30/2014 NOTC4510
Who Is To blame? Airworthiness 4/18/2014 NOTC5107
Don’t Bother Me with the Facts! Airworthiness 4/18/2014 NOTC5112