WINGS - Pilot Proficiency Program - Incentives for Participation

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The most significant incentive for you to participate in the WINGS Program is the added level of safety and professionalism that is obtained through adoption of a reliable recurrent training program.

In addition, when you participate in the WINGS - Pilot Proficiency Program you do not need to accomplish the flight review requirements of 14 CFR part 61, if since the beginning of the 24th calendar month before the month in which you act as pilot in command, you have satisfactorily completed a phase in the WINGS Program (reference 61.56(e)).

When you participate in the program throughout each year so as to maintain a current phase at the Basic Level, you will always have a current flight review. Your flight review date will move as you continue your safety education by participation in accredited FAASTeam activities and courses and earn additional phases at any level. For your convenience, all WINGS - Pilot Proficiency Program activity is conveniently tracked on Note: Current, as it applies to the WINGS Program, means a phase earned within the previous 12 calendar months.

Some FAASTeam Industry Members may provide incentives rewarding pilots for their participation in the program based on the phase obtained and/or maintained in the program. Check with your local aviation industry organizations, companies, and insurance providers for their current incentive offerings. While the FAASTeam encourages FAASTeam Industry Members' participation in offering incentives, the FAASTeam does not require, regulate, or control such incentives.