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ALC-73: IFR Communications with Sporty's
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IFR Communications
(NOTE: You must purchase either the IFR Communications DVD, online course, or iOS app from Sporty's before you can use this Learning Center course.)

This program will improve your communications and make you a wiser instrument pilot.  You will see and hear professional operations, by experienced instrument pilots, in the real IFR system.  We will provide time-tested techniques to make you feel more at ease when interacting with the system and refresh your knowledge on IFR flight.

This program helps the pilot review and consider the following:

o How to communicate clearly and avoid misunderstanding by following the rule of the 4 "Ws", using the phonetic alphabet, and wearing a good quality headset.
o How to make a reservation with the FAA's Airport Reservations Office.
o How to contact ATC in a non-towered environment.
o Review the proper communication aspects of tower, ground, and clearance delivery facilities at a tower-controlled airport.
o Receiving and communicating your clearance in a towered and pilot-controlled airport environment.
o Communicating with air traffic control when departing, while en route, and arrival.
o Using a Remote Communications Outlet (RCO).
o What to do if you lose communication with ATC.

After completion of this course material you will be asked to return here to complete the course quiz to receive the appropriate WINGS - Pilot Proficiency Program credit.