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ALC-560: Ditching and Water Survival
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Aeronautical Proficiency Training, LLC
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How do you plan your flight so you won’t have to ditch? And how do you stay alive and get rescued if you do? This is important information for all pilots who fly over water.

Topics covered will include:

• Planning To Prevent Trouble – Preventative SAR (Search And Rescue)

• What To Do If Things Go Very Wrong – Ditching Technique

• How To Call For Help – Signaling

• How To Stay Alive Until Help Comes – Water Survival

• Stuff To Use To Help Stay Alive – Equipment

• Why You May Need A New ELT – Is anyone listening to your old one?

• Make the Switch to 406 – Your best chance of being located when you are in trouble.


COMO Robert Shafer - Presenter

Commodore Robert Shafer is the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Assistant National Commodore for Recreational Boating Safety (RBS). His responsibilities include oversight of all aspects of the USCG AUX RBS programs. Earlier national positions include Assistant National Commodore for Response and Prevention, Director of Response and Chief of Aviation. 

COMO Shafer holds a commercial pilot certificate, with ratings for instruments, single and multi-engine airplanes and helicopters. He is a flight instructor and FAASTeam Representative. He has been trained and certified in aircraft ditching, underwater egress and survival. He and his wife, Susan, (also a pilot), are the proud owners of two airplanes and a helicopter.