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ALC-550: NORAD - Government Effort To Reduce TFR Violations
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Aeronautical Proficiency Training, LLC
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The NORAD Civil Aviation Education and Training Program (CAE&T) is a vital component of the SecDef's "Whole of government effort to reduce TFR violations". 

The central pillar of our program is direct interaction with GA and corporate pilots at fly-ins, tradeshows, and conferences to raise pilot awareness of TFRs and teach civilian pilots the skills and procedures to avoid them. We train pilots on proper preflight planning, TFR avoidance and intercept procedures.

This course is an outline of "Whole government effort to reduce TFR violations" which contains intercept demonstration videos and an outline of the NORAD "3 Keys to Success" kneeboard card.  This program was recorded live from the FAA Safety Center in Oshkosh Wisconsin during Oshkosh 2018

PRESENTER - Lieutenant Colonel (ret) Doug “Swami” Dal Soglio (dal soleo) is Chief, NORAD Operations Standards at NORAD Headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO.  He has over 3000 hours flying Air Force aircraft, including the F-16. He joined NORAD in 2001 and after 9/11, flew many combat air patrols over New York City and Washington D.C.

Colonel Dal Soglio is an Airline Transport Pilot, CFII, Civil Air Patrol Mission Pilot and is currently building a Van’s RV-7.