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ALC-43: Know Your NOTAMs
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Introduction and Objectives

NOTAM D Graphic1.jpg

Chapter 1 -- D NOTAM Keyword Overview
Chapter 2 -- Airport-Related Keywords
Chapter 3 -- Service-Related Keywords
Chapter 4 -- Airspace-Related Keywords
Chapter 5 -- Miscellaneous Keywords
Chapter 6 -- Decoding the D NOTAM
Chapter 7 -- Pointer NOTAMs
Chapter 8 -- Tips and Resources

The “D” (distant) NOTAM is changing! 
As part of an ongoing effort to improve the aeronautical information management system, the FAA is making changes that will help you find the information you need more easily.   This course will explain the new and improved D NOTAM format, which takes effect on January 28, 2008. 
Key points:
  • Definition:  The FAA has adopted International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) criteria for the "aerodrome movement area." That means that D NOTAMs will include information on taxiways, ramps, and aprons.
  • Reclassification:  The old “local” (L) NOTAM will disappear.  All L NOTAMs will be reclassified as D NOTAMs using the new format.
  • Keywords:  All D NOTAMs will include one of 12 keywords.  These keywords will make it easier for you to sort and spot the specific data you need.

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View the file NOTAM D Reference Graphic.pdf
NOTAM D Graphic
NOTAM D Reference Graphic.pdf (8.5 MB)

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