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ALC-40: Aviate - Navigate - Communicate
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Aeronautical Proficiency Training, LLC
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"Aviate, Navigate, Communicate" (A-N-C), is a phrase that has been used by pilots for many years.  It's a reminder of the pilot-in-command priorities during emergency situations, and can be used as a guide to create training scenarios.

Aviate -- Maintain control of the aircraft
Navigate -- Know where you are and where you intend to go
Communicate -- Let someone know your plans and needs

Having the right knowledge and skills to effectively aviate, navigate and communicate in an emergency situation can be a challenge.  Fortunately pilots have a wealth of readily available information and skill building exercises to use for personal development.

This course will use these resources to develop a Personal Training Scenario:

  • FAA Practical Test Standards (PTS)
  • Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)
  • Advisory Circulars (AC)
  • FAA Handbooks
  • Personal Training Scenario Forms

Use of a training scenario for each flight can be an effective way to develop pilot emergency responsiveness, and an enjoyable way to build and maintain pilot proficiencies.

Upon completion of this course the participant will be able to: 

  • Develop a Personal PTS Based Skills Assessment for 
    • Aviate Tasks
    • Navigate Tasks
    • Communicate Tasks

  • Identify Skill Building Activities from the PTS and Additional Sources for 
    • Aviate Tasks
    • Navigate Tasks
    • Communicate Tasks

  • Create a Personal Skills Development Training Scenario for 
    • Aviate Tasks
    • Navigate Tasks
    • Communicate Tasks

  • Use the Personal Training Scenario to Maintain 
    • PTS Ready Standards
    • Beyond the PTS Standards

  • Pass the Mastery Test / Exam 
  • Use this process as a Personal Continuous Improvement Plan

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