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ALC-110: So You Want To Fly Gliders with Sporty's
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So You Want To Fly Gliders
(NOTE: You must purchase either the So You Want To Fly Gliders DVD, online course, or iOS app from Sporty's before you can use this Learning Center course.)

Have you ever watched a bird in flight? Effortlessly, soaring ever higher on invisible currents of air. Have you ever wanted to take your flying to the next level and learn to master these currents for yourself? You can learn that and more with the Sporty's So You Want To Fly Gliders program. This course is a comprehensive program designed to assist pilots interested in adding a glider rating to their existing privileges or learning soaring from the beginning pilot's perspective.

This program helps the pilot review and consider the following:

o The privileges of a Glider Pilot's certificate.
o Understanding glider systems and operations unique to gliders.
o Proper airport & glider operations for nontowered fields.
o The ins & outs of glider aerodynamics and how it affects the aircraft.
o Fundamentals of glider flight.
o Understanding glider polars & speed-to-fly.
o Weather for soaring and thermaling flight techniques.
o Glider emergencies and soaring safety.
o Understanding the National Airspace System and how gliders operate inside it.

After completion of this course material you will be asked to return here to complete the course quiz to receive the appropriate WINGS - Pilot Proficiency Program credit.