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ALC-24: Navigating the DC ADIZ, TFRs, and Special Use Airspace
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runway.jpgToday's pilots face a number of new challenges related to national security, and any pilot who flies in the US will eventually encounter security-related restrictions.  

The objectives of this course are to help you understand:

  • Requirements and procedures for operating in the Washington DC Metropolitan Air Defense Identification Zone (DC ADIZ) and the Washington DC Metropolitan Area Flight Restricted Zone (DC FRZ);
  • Security-based temporary flight restrictions (TFRs);
  • Other types of special use airspace; and
  • Sources of information.  

One of the most important concepts to take from this course is the need to check notices to airmen (NOTAMS) before every flight – even a short flight in your local airport practice area.

The course assumes a good basic understanding of aircraft operation, air navigation, and air traffic control procedures.  You can take the course at your own pace, exit at any time, and come back whenever it is convenient.   Course notes, DC ADIZ checklists, and other documents are available for download.  At the end of the course is a 25-question multiple choice quiz that you will need to take in a single session.  When you pass, you can print a certificate of completion for your records.  This course qualifies for credit under the FAA's Pilot Proficiency (Wings) Program.

    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1 - DC ADIZ Overview
    • Chapter 2 - DC ADIZ VFR Procedures
    • Chapter 3 - DC ADIZ IFR Procedures
    • Chapter 4 - DC ADIZ Internal and Transit Flights
    • Chapter 5 - DC FRZ Overview and Operating Procedures
    • Chapter 6 - DC ADIZ/FRZ Emergency Procedures
    • Chapter 7 - Temporary Flight Restrictions
    • Chapter 8 - Prohibited and Restricted Areas
    • Chapter 9 - Other Special Use Airspace
    • Chapter 10 - Sources of Airspace Information
    • Chapter 11 - Online References
    • Course Review, Notes, Checklists
    • Exam