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The Aging Pilot
Discusses Normal Aging Processes (Including Strategies for Slowing Them!) and How They Impact Pilots and Flying.
Date and Time:
Saturday, January 20, 2018, starting at 10:00 Eastern Standard Time Download Calendar File
Dr Anthony Rizzo
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This safety seminar on the Aging Pilot is a must for all of us ‘getting up there’ as the bottom line is we all want to be safe. This will feature what we need to look for in ourself, or our flying partner. 

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Sebring Regional Airport
128 Authority Lane
Sebring, FL 33870
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From the north, follow 27 all the way to the intersection of 66/98. Turn left onto 98. About 3 miles down, you’ll see a sign pointing left  to the airport. Stay on that road, be aware for sudden speed limit changes. Go almost to the very end. You’ll see the airport FBO on the left. 


There is a $0.25 discount on fuel for those that fly in. To obtain,discount, please follow,the signs to the seminar area and,sign in, you’ll receive a discount fuel ticket. 

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Yes  SEF
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FAA Safety Team
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Phone: (813) 966-3055
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Dr Tony Rizzo is dual-trained as a General Surgeon and Aerospace Medicine Physician with thousands of peacetime and wartime surgeries.  He is a Professor of Anatomy and Physiology at Polk State College.  He earned Endowed Faculty Member status in 2017, after only three years at the College.  He guest lectures in the Polk State College Aerospace Program, and is a member of Polk’s Aerospace Safety Committee.  

He came to Winter Haven after retiring from the US Air Force and has a total of 39 1/2 years of federal service. 

He is also an Intelligence Officer, starting his career as a CIA officer and ending his career as the Director of the National Center for Medical Intelligence, one of the five National Intelligence Centers under the Defense Intelligence Agency. He has either lived or worked in every country in Africa, as well as multiple countries in the Middle East and Europe.

Dr Rizzo is an Air Force Senior Flight Surgeon who was the investigating flight surgeon on two F-16 class-A losses.  He has deployed to five armed conflicts. He has logged military flight time in the F-16B, B-1B, KC-135, various C- and KC-130 models, T-37, the HH-60 helicopter.  He was a Space Shuttle Flight Surgeon for seven years.  His civilian pilot-in-command time includes over 1000 hours in Velocities, as well as extensive time in multiple Cessnas, Pipers, Beechcrafts, Mooneys, an SGS sailplane, and the Ryan PT-22. 

Dr Rizzo was decorated thirty-seven times; his decorations include the National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal from the Director of National Intelligence, the Intelligence Star from the Director of the CIA, two Defense Superior Service Medals and the Defense Meritorious Service Medal from two Secretaries of Defense.

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1 Credit for Basic Knowledge Topic 3
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