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Straight Talk About Aviation Safety with John and Martha King
John and Martha King - How to Avoid Unwanted Adventure (and Still Have Fun!)
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Saturday, October 14, 2023, starting at 12:30 Pacific Daylight Time (13:30 MDT; 14:30 CDT; 15:30 EDT; 09:30 HST; 11:30 AKDT; 12:30 Arizona; 19:30 GMT)
John and Martha King
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After having had an aircraft accident of their own, and discovering their own sense of vulnerability, John and Martha say they have become "born-again pilots". Having had a hand in the aviation education of nearly half of the pilots in the United States in the last four decades, the Kings feel a deep responsibility towards their students and a strong sense of mission about passing on practical and insightful tools for risk management.

When we say "Safety is our highest priority" do we really mean what we say? Wouldn't grounding the airplane be the safest thing? This startling presentation for all pilots will provide a provacative approach with new concepts, a new vocabulary, and fresh insights on the subject of aviation risk management.

We will never completely eliminate the risks of general aviation, but John and Martha King's insightful talk will reveal procedures and techniques that can help you better manage aviation risks effectively and confidently, leading to safer flying and more fun in the cockpit.

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