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Glider Accident Review - FY2021 - Takeaways to Teach! A 3 Part Series!
Glider Accident Review - FY2021. What Can You Learn and Adjust in Your Teaching/Flying.
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Monday, March 21, 2022, starting at 19:00 Eastern Daylight Time (16:00 PDT; 17:00 MDT; 18:00 CDT; 13:00 HST; 15:00 AKDT; 16:00 Arizona; 23:00 GMT)
Stephen K. Brown
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What has become an annual event from the Boston FAASTeam, a Glider Accident Review - FY2021. What can you learn and adjust in your teaching and flying..

An on-line instructor brief/forum tailored specifically to the needs of Glider Instructors. An annual review of accidents and incidents that occurred in the FAA Fiscal Year 2021, what are the issues we need to know and teach as instructors? Join us to learn and gain "Food for Thought" in how you provide your training as a glider instructor, or what you need to be aware of as a commercial glider pilot.

Part 1 - The "State of the Sport/Statistics" and a review of accidents with recently published NTSB reports that occurred prior to FY2021. A good update from the previous years. 1 Credit Master Knowledge #1

Part 2 - The Glider accidents that occurred in FY2021 along with some insight to other events & incidents.1 Credit Master Knowledge #2

Part 3 - A review of Motor-Glider and Tow Plane accidents from FY2021, along with recent reports from prior years and associated incidents & events.1 Credit Master Knowledge #2

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New England FAASTeam
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Phone: (781) 238-7536
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The New England FAASTeam is oriented towards helping you be a better and safer pilot, focusing on Promoting, Educating and Improving aviation. 

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