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We are in a hurry --- so we GAME the system --- at our peril !!!
Flying safely without a plan ... yeah RIGHT !!!
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Friday, January 28, 2022, starting at 18:00 Pacific Standard Time (19:00 MST; 20:00 CST; 21:00 EST; 16:00 HST; 17:00 AKST; 19:00 Arizona; Saturday, January 29, 2022 02:00 GMT)
Bob Katz
Brief Description:
YOU are the Pilot in Command of a Learjet 35A  Air Ambulance. It's been a long day. You successfully transported your patient to SNA and now you want to get home. The sooner the better. It's well after dark. So you accept an Approach Clearance to a runway that is undesirable rather than take a few extra minutes to properly set up for the longer runway you intend to land on. It's your privilege to Cancel IFR as the Wx at SEE is: VRB05KT 3SM BR BKN020 OVR026 10/08 The Tower acknowledges your cancelation, instructs you to overfly the airport and clears you to land RWY 27R. Now constrained by the limitations of VFR; You find yourself in the squeeze between the BKN ceiling above and the Urban Sprawl across rising terrain below. You Yank & Bank in the pattern only to find yourself in an Accelerated Stall while Diving & Driving ... into the ground. Any regrets ???!!!???
Join us tonight as we explore this most recent Loss of Control tragedy that took the lives of 4 people including 2 very dedicated health care professionals simply along for the ride. We will review what is known and clearly speculate on the effect of the possible causes to learn from the mistakes of others and our own past experiences. There is much to learn from the facts, not in dispute. No good can come from this senseless loss unless and until each of us makes the personal choice to recognize the teachable moment that comes with every incident and take the initiative TO learn. Your mission is to bring your knowledge, skills and experience to the discussion as we hash out an effective alternative strategy to conduct this flight to a safe landing; Given what we have to work with.  This is an exercise in Aeronautical Decision Making you don't want to miss.
"The pilot community has experienced every conceivable means and method to destroy our aircraft and ourselves since the Wright Brothers discovered powered flight 118 years ago. We are not inventing any new ways to do it.  We continue to make the same foolish aeronautical decisions repeatedly because we choose to make the conscious decision to not learn from the mistakes of others and our own past experiences. It is critical to our survival that we, as a community of pilots, think twice about the consequences of our actions before we ring another bell that cannot be unrung"  --  Scott Allen  FPM, HNL FSDO  WP13
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Date and Time: Friday, January 28, 2022, starting at 1800 Pacific Standard Time (1600 HST, 1700 AKST, 1900 MST, 2000 CST, 2100 EST, and 0200 GMT)
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Phone: (916) 719-6808
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The FAASTeam wishes to extend their gratitude and special thanks to Bob Katz for making this presentation possible and in conveying safety principles and practices in encouraging a positive safety culture within the aviation community.
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½ Credit for Basic Knowledge Topic 1
1 Credit for Basic Knowledge Topic 1
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SAS Activity Event: WP25202200509
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